How do I start shopping?

Alternate Text First, see if we have the props you need by searching online 24/7 or in our showroom Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM. Not all of our props are on this web site. Contact a rental agent and they will help you.

I found something I might want to rent what is the next step?

Alternate Text Contact a rental agent and ask for a quote. Set up an account. Go to our Forms page and pick out the account set-up form that is right for you: production company, individual, student.

What does it cost to rent props for a week?

Alternate Text Props rent for approximately 10% of their valuation. There is a $35 minimum rental.

What if I need the props for more than one week?

Alternate Text You will ask for a production rental. The first week will be full price, second week half price, third week half price, and the fourth week is free.

What does it cost to purchase graphics?

Alternate Text Graphics costs are for time and materials. Graphics bill at $80 an hour. Some graphics have already been created and you can buy the finished product. There is a $35 minimum to purchase graphics, which are billed separately from rentals.

Do you charge Sales Tax?

Alternate Text No sales tax is ever charged on rentals. We do charge sales tax on purchases and graphics.

Will I need a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

Alternate Text A COI protects both you and History For Hire in case of loss, damage or liability for the services provided. You will need a COI if the valuation of your props is high or the items you are renting are complex. Check out the Requirements for Rental page in the Forms section.

What is a deposit?

Alternate Text Your deposit is equal to the valuation of the props should they not return. The valuation is on the last page of your quote or rental agreement. You may use a credit card or check for your deposit. We do not accept debit cards for deposits. If you have a COI we will ask for a deposit in the amount of your insurance deductible.

How may I pay for my order?

Alternate Text We accept cash, check. credit cards, PC cards and PayPal.

How do I pick up my rentals?

Alternate Text We will pack your order so you may pick up your props Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM. We can pack your order to ship using your account with FedEx, UPS, UBER, Lyft, or a common carrier. There may be an additional charge to process an order for shipment. We have shipped props to every continent, including Antarctica.

I’m on set and I can’t get my props to do what I want?

Alternate Text Call your rental agent. We have photos of your prop, manuals and a very knowledgeable staff to walk you through your props functions.

Oops, one of the props broke on set, what do I do?

Alternate Text Things happen. Contact our Returns Department about the prop. They will advise you about your options to repair, replace, and rebuy. We do charge for damaged and lost props.

How do I return the props I rented?

Alternate Text Repack you props in the same boxes and containers your received them in. Bring/ship them to the Returns department. Check- ins are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

How do I know if I returned everything?

Alternate Text Contact the Returns Department and ask for a Check-in sheet. Our Returns Department will contact you if they know you are wrapping and an item is missing. They can give you a list with pictures of any props that did not return.

How do I find out what I spent at History For Hire?

Alternate Text Contact our accounting department. accounting@historyforhire.com, and tell them you need a final total.